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We give quick loans to help you meet urgent needs. This loan is given for 15 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days period. The interest rate of this loan is based on the credibility score of the receiver and the average interest rate is 1% per day. The receiver must agree to pay within the agreed date or risk being arrested, reported or account being blocked. However the receiver of this loan does not need to be a saver with us initially.


Instant Loan

We give "Quick" loans to help you meet only Urgent needs after meeting up with our uniquely flexible terms and conditions. These loans are given for a maximum period of 15 days, 30 days, 45 days and 60 days. Our Interest rates are as low as 1% daily on these loans, with considerations given to the credibility scores of the receiver. These credibility scores are accumulated on the attitude of the receiver towards our loans such as timely repayment within the specified date. Failure to return these loans with the interests will attract forceful repayment as within the power of our company to any length. If force is used, such a receiver is at risk of not having any future business transaction with us at any other "Urgent need". Please note that any receiver of any of our loans does not have to be a "SAVER" with us initially before we grant his/her request.

Savings Loan

By Savings loan, we mean we will give you your 100% savings, plus 100% loan of your savings. Simply out, you get double of what you have saved with us to cater for your need. This attracts only an administrative charges of 3%, no interest attached. The receiver must pay back the savings, the loan and the administrative fee within a month. Being our regular saving account holder, we expect that there will be no use of force for repayment but if need be to use it, we assure you to use it to any extent till no debt is owed. We are here to serve you. You first

Business Loan

We give business loan to only customers who have been saving with us for not less than 6 months. They can apply for loan only for as much as they have saved with us for those 6 months period or more. Part of our terms and conditions for the Business loan is the need for 2 guarantors. Our business loan also attract only a 10% interest. We expect repayment within the agreed period or we will ensure force is applied if need be. All customers interested in our business loan must have a savings account or an investment account with us.


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We are a Microfinance Institution

We share same operation like a microfinance institution. Our difference lie in the fact that we believe people who are in need of accessing loans should not only be given the loan with the evidence of a collateral but that people who need loan should be able to access it on CREDIT WORTHINESS. We believe actions speak louder than voice and we have started our work towards various means and platforms for people to get financial assistance. We, as a company have attained a level of multiple collateral and loan awarding, BUT we require "integrity" as the basis for funding such people. Can you see the future with us? You first every time.